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Crawl -Spanking Scene (video)

I liked this scene because of the great build up leading to the spanking. A good build up when done properly, really adds to the intensity of the scene in my opinion. It gives you time to wonder what the spanking will be like, how much will they show for a mainstream movie, or if it will last only a second or two. After reading comments on a few message boards about this scene, it seems that some enjoyed it while others cursed the director for not showing enough.

Overall I thought it was good. Although you know the woman is being spanked over the knee on her bare bottom, after her panties are violently yanked down, you don’t actually see the hand landing on her bottom.  You are forced to used your imagination. Sort of like those old monster movies where you don’t see the monster that much at the beginning, only his shadow or claws or teeth, and you are forced to imagine the horror yourself. Sometimes imagination is better than the real thing, because if the real monster ends up looking fake or cheap it ruins the whole experience.

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The IMDB link for the movie, Crawl

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