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Spanking Story -Jake’s Dilemma

Jake’s Dilemma

Originally posted on The Spanking News

Sometimes tough decisions must be made regardless of how painful the outcome might be.



During my university years I lived in a house shared with four other people. Myself and four girls. I know to some this may sound like a young guy’s dream come true, but trust me when I tell you this, sometimes it wasn’t. I quickly found out that girls can sometimes be very difficult to live with. Who would have thought?

Girls are neat, more mature,  and don’t cause any trouble right? Wrong! Some are and some aren’t. Unfortunately I wound up with a couple that would sometimes put the rest of the house through hell. But before I go on, let me give you a little bit of background to this story.

My parents owned the house, and although some might think it must have been a small mansion to have five bedrooms, it was really quite small. It was originally a 3 bedroom house with a fourth bedroom added above the attached garage by the previous owners, which I took as my room. The fifth bedroom was actually just a small den, or “sewing room” as my mom used to call it, that my dad expanded slightly to put in a closet. It did have a big living room and a good size kitchen, and thankfully it had two full bathrooms.

My parents were close to retiring, so they bought a small condo by the lake and decided to keep this house and rent it out for some extra income. Since it was close to the university I attended, I convinced them to let me rent out the rooms, and in turn they would get more money than if they tried to rent out the whole house. My parents warned me not to rent out the rooms to a bunch of guys that just wanted to party because they were afraid they would wreck the place. So after my best friend Josh moved in, I put up an ad advertising the remaining rooms for females only. Problem solved!

I received lots of calls the first week, and in no time had all the remaining rooms rented to three young females: Judy, a Psychology Major, and Robin and Stephanie who were both studying Business/Finance. Things went great at the beginning. Everyone kept the place clean, we shared the cooking, no one got drunk and did anything stupid, and we all got along perfectly fine from day one.

Unfortunately less than a year later my good friend Josh moved out so he could live with his girlfriend, and I was faced with the task of finding someone to fill his now empty room. I thought about putting up another ad like I had done in the beginning, but Robin told me her best friend Tracy was actually looking for a room, and since our house was only minutes away from the university it would be perfect for her.

I was hesitant at first because I was leaning towards getting another guy to move in instead. Someone I could drink beer with, play video games with, and talk about guy shit with. I figured having three girls in the house was enough already, but four might be too much and leave me feeling a little alienated if you know what I mean.

However Robin kept insisting that her friend would be perfect, and the real deal clincher came when she told me Tracy loved video games! I thought that was close enough to being a guy to me, so I told her to bring Tracy by so everyone could meet her, and if we all thought she would be a good fit she could have the room.

A few days later we were introduced to Tracy and everyone instantly took a liking to her. Like Robin, she was very petite standing at just 5 ft tall, and had the most beautiful hair I had ever seen. It was long, black and a little wild looking.. like a mix between something a model in a magazine would have, and rock & roll type hair. After a quick meeting we all agreed she was cool, and I told her she could move in as soon as she wanted.

Things went well for the first couple months, and it turned out Tracy also loved to cook and would make us the most amazing dinners on occasion. She would also kick my ass on a regular basis playing video games, and she liked the same type of music I did. Often we would find ourselves staying up late quietly listening to Pink Floyd while the others slept.

However after several months passed a few problems started to come up. Robin and Tracy started getting into little fights. At first the fights were over stupid girl things, like using the other one’s makeup, borrowing clothes, and taking too long in the bathroom. What started out as a few loud words exchanged, quickly turned into all out screaming matches. The fights never came to actual blows, but sometimes they would pick things up and slam them down hard to make their point. This left everyone else in the house extremely frustrated, since the fights would usually occur when I was not home to break them up, leaving Judy and Stephanie to suffer in silence.

At first I sat them both down and discussed the situation with them in a calm, cool manner. That would settle things down temporarily and things would return to normal with everyone happy. Remember that these two were actually best friends! But then a few weeks would pass and there would be another fight, and I would sit down and talk with them again. A few weeks or a month later there would be another, and I quickly found myself losing patience.  The calm talks I used to have turned into me screaming at both of them. Finally it got to the point where I told them that if this crap continued, both of them would have to find a new place to live.

I didn’t want to have to give this ultimatum, yet I had to think of the other girls living in the house too. They were making our lives a living hell, and it was approaching finals so we all had some major studying to do which became impossible when these two went on the warpath. I thought my final talk with them did the trick and things were peaceful for a little over a month.. until one afternoon when I walked in the door, a full blown fight was in progress. Judy and Stephanie both sighed and told me Robin and Tracy had been at it for the past half hour. My heart sunk as I knew I had an important decision to make.

I quickly broke them up and told them to go to their rooms and said I had something important to talk to them about. You could tell by the looks on their faces that they knew they were in big trouble, and did as they were told without any complaint.

I called Judy and Stephanie into my room for an emergency meeting, and they both sat on the bed while I paced back and forth in front of them.  I said that it looked like I would have tell our two friends to move out, and asked if they agreed with my decision and were OK with it.

“Well it’s not like you didn’t warn them or anything.” Judy said, “I mean they’ve both been given lots of chances.  I just really wish there was some other way.”

“I wish there was another way too.” I said, “What would you guys do in my position?

“I personally think you should just beat both their asses!” Stephanie remarked, “Especially Robin. It seems most of these fights are always started by her.”

I laughed and said, “Thanks Steph, I can always count on you for some comic relief!”

“I’m serious!” she replied.

“You think I should beat up two girls?

“That’s not what I meant, Jake. I said beat their asses. That’s what my mom used to do when my sister and I would get into big fights. If I was still living at home I bet she wouldn’t hesitate to put us over her knee.”

“You mean spank them?” I asked, “Yea no thanks, I don’t want to go to jail and be locked up for being a creep. And besides, Tracy may be tiny, but I bet it would take three strong guys to be able to spank that girl. She’s a tough little thing!”

“Jake you are ready to kick them out, so you could give them a choice. Tell them they can either leave or you will tan both their behinds good!” she said with a hint of her southern accent sneaking in.

“What do you think, Judy?” I asked rolling my eyes, “You’re the psychology chick, isn’t spanking highly frowned upon these days?”

“Yes it is highly frowned upon, and definitely not recommended for children, although like Stephanie, my parents never got the memo.”

“You were spanked? I asked, not believing what I was hearing because Judy seemed like a very kind, sweet girl that I couldn’t picture ever being ‘bad’.

“Yes Jake, believe it or not I was spanked. True I hated it at the time, not so much because of the pain but because I felt like I let my parents down. It was also very embarrassing having to go over my mom or dad’s knee.”

“Did you get it bare ass too?” Stephanie asked, “That was the worst!”

“Yes it was always on the bare bottom,” replied Judy, looking a little embarrassed.


She continued, “Jake, as long as you give them a choice there is no harm in trying, especially seeing that the only other alternative is to ask them both to leave.”

“Well look, I don’t know what to do.” I said, “I love these girls to death and I don’t want to see them go, but at the same time if I spank them, I am the one that is going to look like a creep. Everyone will think I did it for a cheap thrill or something.”

“Jake, believe it or not these girls look up to you and trust you.” Stephanie said, “I trust you too. If that was me in their position I would understand why you were doing it and take my licks.”

“Really? OK how about this.. I will go and talk to them and give them two options: Either they have to move out, or take a spanking.. from you!” I said as I pointed directly at Stephanie, “I’ll wait in another room while you..”

“No way Jake.” she replied, “It has to be done by you. It’s your house, your rules, you are the man and the head of this household. And besides, I don’t want to spank another girl’s bare butt.”

“Bare butt?” I said almost shouting, and then quickly lowering my voice. “Does it have to be..”

Judy interrupted, “Jake if you are going to go through with this, yes it should be or they will both treat it like a big game or a joke. Honestly, if you don’t do it on their bare behinds you shouldn’t bother spanking them at all.”

“She’s right” Stephanie said, “A few weeks ago it was my friends birthday, and we all took turns giving her birthday spankings over her jeans. She was laughing the whole time! You have to make this a punishment they will remember, so it needs to be felt. Getting it on their bare ass will be embarrassing, but at least they will know you mean business.”

With all these thoughts flowing through my head it felt like my brain was going to explode. How did I get myself into this mess? Maybe I should just give them one final chance, that would solve everything.. kinda. Well at least temporary until they got into another fight. No! I have to do something. It’s not fair to everyone else living here. What should I do? I need to do something!

Suddenly it dawned on me. Maybe I was getting a little ahead of myself. What if I give them the choice and they both decide to leave? I would be sad to see them go, but at least I won’t have to spank them.

Judy and Stephanie sat there quietly while I was deep in thought.

“OK” I said, “I will go talk to them and give them the ultimatum. They will probably tell me to fuck off and choose to leave, but.. in the odd chance they decide to take a spanking, how do I do it? I mean I’ve never spanked anyone before.”

“Jake relax!” Stephanie said, “You look so nervous and you’re turning this into a bigger deal than it really is. It’s not like you’re going to chop off their hands or something. Just put them over your knee and spank them. It’s not rocket science!”

“But I’ve never spanked anyone before. What do I do exactly?

Judy stood up and brought the old wooden chair by my computer desk over to the front of the bed.
“Alright Jake” she said, “We will give you a crash course on how to give a spanking. Sit down here.”

I got up from the bed and sat on the chair and waited, while the two girls spoke briefly to each other as if they were about to direct a movie. Then Stephanie said,

“Now, we’re assuming at this point of course that the girls have chosen to take a spanking. So.. you will sit down on a chair like you are now, and then in a firm tone say something like, um.. what should he say Judy?”

“Just make it straight to the point. Say, ‘Let’s get this over with’, and then tell her to take down her pants and underwear and get over your knee.” Judy calmly explained.

“Tell them to take off their pants and underwear? Just like that?” I asked

“No not take off, take down!” Stephanie said, “There’s a difference. If you tell her to take to them off, that will seem creepy and she might think you are doing this just to see her naked. So instead just tell her to take her pants and panties down to her knees. Oh, and when she’s doing so, sort of look the other way to give her a little privacy instead of staring at her girly parts.”

“OK so pants and underwear down to their knees. Got it. What next?”

Judy interrupted, “Since you’re right handed the girl should be at your right side while she’s taking down her pants.”


“Because she will be going over you right knee and you will be spanking her with your right hand. Don’t worry it will all make sense in a moment. Stephanie, you play the part of the spanked girl.”

“Me? What about you?

“Just do it and don’t be a baby. You do want to help Jake don’t you?”

“Alright!” Stephanie replied, and stood at my right side with a slight pout.

“Now, in a serious tone tell Stephanie to take her pants and underwear down to her knees.”

“OK” *Clearing my throat*, “Um.. Take off, I mean take down your pants and underwear to your knees.”

“A little louder. You have to make it seem you are in control of the situation. Try it again.”

“Take down your pants and underwear to your knees..”

“Perfect!” Judy said, and then she stared at Stephanie. “Well?”

“What? Oh no.. I’m not baring my ass for this! Can’t we just do this over my jeans?”

“He needs to know what to expect, Stephanie. How about you just take down your jeans? C’mon it’s not like Jake hasn’t seen all of us in some form of undress before.”

“Fine.. Jake you owe us both dinner for the help were giving you on this one!”, Stephanie said as she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down to her knees, revealing a skimpy red thong. She went to place herself over my lap when Judy stopped her.

“Wait until he tells you to Stephanie.”

“Oh right, sorry.”

“Now Jake, tell her in the same tone you used before, to get over your knee.”

“Get over my knee.” I said


Stephanie laid across my lap in one smooth motion as if she had done so dozens of times before. I couldn’t help to stare at her almost bare bottom perfectly positioned over my right knee, with her red thong leaving very little to the imagination.

“Ha ha.. Jake! Stop looking at her butt” Judy said.

“How am I supposed to spank her butt if I am not looking at it?”

“Just don’t make it so obvious. Remember this is supposed to be a punishment.” she replied.

“Will you guys get on with it. I almost forgot how embarrassing it is to be over a knee with my ass up in the air!” Stephanie pleaded.

“Alright Steph.” Judy replied. “Jake place your left hand on Stephanie’s back to keep her in place. You don’t have to grab her, just rest it on her back.”

“Like this?

“Perfect.” Judy continued, “Now, this would be the time to give her one last lecture if that is something you want to do. You know.. the old, ‘I’m sorry I have to do this.. this will hurt me more than you.’ blah blah blah. My parents would always give me a lecture right before they spanked me.”

“Mine too.” Stephanie added, “Just come up with something in your own words to make sure they understand why they are getting their tails whipped.”

“OK, well I’m sure I could come up with something.” I said.

“Great, now let’s move on to the spanking. So what you want to do is just raise your hand up with your fingers together and bring it down on Stephanie’s bottom. Use a little bit of force but not as hard as you can.”

I did as instructed and lifted my hand up to shoulder height and brought it down smacking Stephanie’s ass causing it to jiggle ever so slightly.

“Um.. like I barely felt that.” Stephanie said.

“Jake, you’re going to have to do it a lot harder.” added Judy.

“But I don’t want to hurt her.”

“Don’t worry Jake,” Judy said, “Girls have plenty of padding back there. We’re not as delicate as you might think. Remember this is a punishment, so you have to make sure she feels it or you will just be wasting your time.”

I raised my hand and brought it down harder than before. This time when it made contact, a crisp slapping sound was clearly heard and Stephanie’s body jerked slightly from the blow.

“Much better.” Judy said, “How was that Steph?”

“I would say that is about perfect, or maybe just a little har..”

I spanked Stephanie again before she could finish her sentence, causing her to squeal. “Like that?” I asked.

“Perfect!” Judy said.

“Yes, I definitely felt that, Jake.” Stephanie added.

“Now give her about 5 more to practice. Don’t just hit the same cheek. Try to alternate so her whole butt gets equal attention.” Judy said.

The five spanks were given, this time slightly harder then before, and Stephanie actually yelped from the last two. Luckily during this time I could hear music playing in one of the girl’s rooms, so there was no way they could hear us and wonder what the hell was going on by hearing the loud smacks followed by Stephanie’s reactions.

I was quickly understanding the concept.. and Judy was right, it wasn’t rocket science. I had to be firm but not cruel. Hard enough to get the girls attention so they would feel it, but not so hard that they would need ice packs on their bums for the rest of the day. What would they think after it was over? Would they hate me? Probably. But maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself again.

When I give them the choice they will probably choose to leave, right? No they won’t. I saw the looks in their eyes after the last fight when I told them they would be kicked out if they fought again. They knew I was serious and I could tell it would be devastating for each of them if they had to leave.


It’s not that I would force them out on to the street. I would never do that no matter what. I would give them time to find a new place, and there were lots of other rooms for rent in town, just not as close to the university. They both could also move back in with their parents, but again they lived further away. I just want to make it clear that they would not be homeless and forced to live under a bridge.

I was angry at both of them. Not just for the fighting, but for forcing me to make this decision. Forcing me to do something that will probably destroy our friendship. It should never have come to this and it’s their fault that it did. Why did they have to be so selfish, and why couldn’t they just grow up and put their differences aside?

Stephanie got up off my lap and pulled up her jeans, and I told her and Judy that I was ready to talk to the girls and tell them the choice they have to make. Either move out, or a spanking.


I asked if they could both be present if the girls chose the spanking, as I figured Robin and Tracy would probably feel more comfortable with other women present compared to me being alone with them in the bedroom. They agreed and said they would wait in the living room while I talked with the girls.
I knocked on Robin and Tracy’s door, and told them both to come out and to follow me to my room because we needed to talk. It seemed like they knew something was up right away, and on their way to my room they both tried to pin the blame on the other for the fight.

“Don’t say a word, not one single word!” I said as a slammed the door to my room after they entered.

“Both of you sit down, I have something very important to say.”

However Robin couldn’t contain herself and found it impossible to stay quiet, “But Jake, she..”

“I said not one word! Both of you will be quiet and both of you will listen. I don’t care who started the fight, who did what to who or any other bullshit. It takes two to argue and each of you are to blame. I can honestly say the rest of us in this house have been extremely patient with you guys. I’ve tried talking to you, reasoning with you, screaming at you, and finally warning you that if there was one more fight both of you would have to leave. And what did you do? You took my kindness and the kindness of Judy and Stephanie, and threw it right back in our face. Enough is enough!”

As they sat on the bed I could see tears starting to swell up in Robin’s eyes, while Tracy had her head down the whole time looking ashamed. This was it. Judgment day. The day something needed to be done, and it needed to be done now.

“Here’s the deal. You two have a choice to make and it will probably be a difficult one. First I want to say that I love both of you to death, and there is nothing I want more than for both of you to stay living here. I consider you great friends, and in the short time I’ve known you we’ve been through a lot together. A lot of good times, some not so good, but for the most part you are two great girls.”

Robin and Tracy’s eyes were now on me the whole time while I spoke. They seemed to be hanging on my every word.

“Here are your choices. Choice number one. Both of you will have to find a new place to stay, and I will give you a month to do so. I’m not going to kick you out in the middle of the night, and I will offer you any help I can in finding you a new place. You might not be able to find a place this close to the university, but I checked online and there are lots of rooms for rent just a little further away.”

They listened intensely, with their expression not changing as I continued.

“Choice number two. I will put each of you over my knee, with your pants and underwear taken down, and give you the spanking of your young lives. Not some playing around fun spanking either. A real spanking, on your bare ass, and it will hurt. If you choose this option it can be done in front of the other girls so you don’t think I’m doing this for my kicks. And before I go on, I just wanted to say that if I didn’t care about both of you so much I wouldn’t even give you the second option, I would have just kicked you out without a second thought.”

Amazingly the girls stayed completely silent, their eyes still fixed on me. They didn’t laugh or snicker at the suggestion as they could tell I was completely serious and my words were sincere.

“You can have an hour or two to decide what you want to do. Take your time and think it over and..”

“I’ll take the spanking.” Tracy said.

“Me too.” Robin added, “I want to stay here, Jake. I’m sorry for all the trouble we caused. I’m sorry for letting you down and acting like a bitch sometimes.” she said, as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“I’m sorry too, Jake.” Tracy said, “I bet this has been really hard on you, and you didn’t deserve it. You’ve always been very fair when it comes to everything. We weren’t taking advantage of your kindness.. we were just acting like two stupid idiots.”

I didn’t know what to say at first. In a way I was shocked, not so much because the agreed to be spanked but more because it seemed they understood things from my point of view. I didn’t want to spank them because I was angry or wanted to hurt them or get back at them for all the grief they caused. I needed to spank them so they could stay.

“So..” I said, “When did you guys want to take care of this? Would it be better if we wait until the morning?”

“I’ll take my spanking now if it’s OK” Tracy said, “I would just like to get it over with. But please ..please Jake.. don’t spank me in front of everyone! It would be so humiliating to be spanked in from of the other girls, especially on my bare ass.”

“But I thought you guys might prefer or be more comfortable if another girl was there?”

“We trust you Jake.” Robin said,

“Do you want to take yours now too, Robin?” I asked

“Yes.” she replied.

“OK I won’t do it in front of the other girls, we can do it here. But I will leave the door open. Deal?”

“Deal.” Tracy and Robin both said.

So with that I told them to wait in my room while I went to the kitchen to get a drink of water, and as I did so I quickly told Judy and Stephanie sitting in the living room that the girls chose the spanking but preferred it to be in private.

“Alright Jake, we’ll be here if you need anything.” Judy quietly said.

“You’ll do fine Jake.” Stephanie added, “Just be firm and act like you know what your doing.”

“Hey..” I whispered, “I almost forgot something.. How long do I spank them?”

“Until you think they learned a lesson, honey.” Judy whispered back, “Their butts should be red.. actually more like a dark pink. And they might cry but don’t let that stop you. Spank them for at least a couple minutes.”

“OK thanks.” I replied.

Once back in the room I wasted no time in getting things started. I figured the longer we dragged things on, the worse it would be on all of us. The girls were still sitting on the bed quietly and just stared at me with big sad eyes as I entered. Robin looked the most nervous, so I thought it would be best to start with her first to spare her the dread of what was to come.

I sat down on the chair and said, “OK Robin, you’re first.”

I could tell she wanted to say, “Why me!” but I think she knew it was best not to push her luck at this point. She stood and came over to my side, and just looked at me with sad puppy dog eyes while she stood there waiting for me to tell her what to do.

“Take your pants and underwear down, and get over my knee.” I said in a calm but firm tone.

She hesitated for a moment and then began to unbutton her jeans and unzip her fly. As she went to slide her pants down, I remembered Judy telling me not to stare as the girls bared their butts,  so I casually looked away until I knew she had taken them down and was ready to go over my knee. Thankfully Robin was wearing a long t-shirt that covered her front when I looked back at her.

“Take them right down to your knees, Robin.” I said.

And she pushed her jeans further down again without saying a word.

“OK that’s fine. Now over my knee.”

At first it looked like she was not sure what to do, and I was about to guide her to help out, but then she leaned forward and laid over my lap almost as smoothly as Stephanie had done before. Once she was in position with her hands supporting herself on the floor and her toes barely touching the ground, I pushed her t-shirt back a little completely exposing her bare bottom.

Robin was petite at a little over 5 feet tall and couldn’t have weighed more than 95 pounds, so she had a small little ass. I thought about giving her the quick lecture like Judy and Stephanie had advised, but things were moving so quickly that I had no idea what to say. So without any warning I began the spanking.

The first smack made a nice sound but I noticed her bottom barely moved from the swat. Thinking back to my lesson with Stephanie, I decided to spank her a little harder for the second one. There was still barely any movement but Robin did let out a little yelp in pain. Again I spanked her a little harder, but again her bottom hardly moved. It was the same slight jiggle. I kept increasing the severity until the 7th or 8th swat until it finally dawned on me.. Robin is very fit, takes dancing classes and is a former ballerina.. she is not going to have a lot of jiggle! Oops!

I almost felt like apologizing for spanking her harder than I should have, but I didn’t want it to seem like I had no idea what I was doing so I just adjusted the severity and continued to spank at a steady pace. Robin’s yelps turned to cries after about twenty spanks, and I began to second guess myself again. Her little butt was already turning a darker shade of pink, but I had only been spanking her for under a minute. Should I stop? No! This is a punishment and it is supposed to hurt, right? I did try to even out the placement of the spanks however, so I wasn’t hitting the exact same spot twice in a row, but if there was a difference Robin wasn’t showing it.

At the one minute mark, her cries from each swat had now changed to non-stop bawling. I told myself I would just give her another 20 or so and that would be it. This was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. I had prepared myself for the spanking, but was not prepared for all the tears and crying. When it was finally over I expected Robin to jump up and rub her little behind, but instead she continued to cry while lying completely limp over my lap.


I felt terrible but at the same time I knew it was something that had to be done. Her bottom looked like it was glowing and I was so tempted to rub it, not to be a creep but to make her feel a little better. Instead I just rubbed her back while she sobbed and waited until she was ready to get up without rushing her.

After Robin had pulled up her jeans she went over to the bed and instead of sitting, laid face down across it. Now it was Tracy’s turn, and I was hoping things would be a little easier with her. I looked in Tracy’s direction, and without being told she stood up and came to my side and began to take down her jeans.


What made it a little more uncomfortable was the fact she was wearing a short top that did not cover her front after her pants were down. I tried my best not to stare, but I still got a glimpse of her naked body from the waist down.

Again without being told Tracy went over my lap, but in a slightly different way than Robin. She place her hands on my left thigh and then gently lowered herself down. I am not going to lie. In front of me was the most beautiful ass I had ever seen in my young life. Coupled with the way she touched my thigh and the fact that she was basically lying over my manhood did not help matters either.

My dick instantly sprung to life without giving me a say in the matter, and my thoughts quickly turned to what Tracy would think of me if I didn’t bring him under control, and fast. An old trick I learned to get my mind off of something arousing and to subdue an erection was to think about hockey. It worked, at least for now, and I was able to concentrate on the matter at hand.

Tracy was petite like Robin, yet definitely had stronger curves and her bottom was way more rounded. I had always been attracted to her, and I knew she had a nice ass, but I was used to seeing her in tight jeans and yoga pants.. not bare over my lap! I resisted the urge to stare at the beauty before me, even though I knew I wouldn’t be caught since Robin was still face down on the bed with her head buried into a pillow, while Tracy’s eyes were focused on the floor in front of her.

I wanted to go easier on Tracy not because I was a little closer to her than Robin, but mainly because I knew most of the fights were actually started by Robin. Then again that wouldn’t be right. Since I was punishing both girls for their actions, both should be punished equally and fairly.

Placing my left hand on Tracy’s black lace top, I raised my right and brought it down firmly on her behind. There was no need to make any adjustments this time, as a sharp clap was heard and her bottom danced under my palm. As I continued the spanking Tracy made no sound, not even a peep, but I didn’t second guess myself. She was trying to show me how tough she was by not crying like a baby, but I knew she was feeling it. Each time my hand connected with her bare bottom, her whole body shook like she had just received a small jolt of electricity. After ten swats a faint pinkness started to appear on both cheeks, and after twenty firm spanks the color darkened considerably.

My emotions started to get the better of me again. Even though Tracy was not crying like Robin did, it didn’t change the fact that I knew I was making a friend suffer through pain. My friend that I played video games with was over the knee getting spanked.. by me. Would she ever forgive me for this? Would we now be enemies or no longer as close? Probably. There was nothing I could do about that now.

The one minute mark had passed and I continued spanking without missing a beat. Her silence was now broken, for with each spank she let out a hiss between her clenched teeth. Tracy’s beautiful bare bottom was now matching the dark pink that Robin’s ass had just displayed moments earlier. The way it jiggled with each firm smack was almost hypnotizing, and I couldn’t draw my eyes away from it even for a second.

When I knew I was approuching the two minute mark I stopped. It was over.

Like Robin, she didn’t quickly leap off my lap, but instead just exhaled a long breath.. sort of like a sigh of relief. She laid there appearing exhausted, with her fiery bottom on display begging to be soothed, and it took all my willpower to resist the temptation of rubbing it. I felt like I needed to say something, but I couldn’t think of the words. We had all been through quite the experience together, and at this point I didn’t think it was right to say any more about the subject. They have both been punished and now it’s over. No more needs to be said.

After about 30 seconds, Tracy got up off my lap like a film being played in reverse, with her hands placed on my thighs and pushing up. She was in no rush to pull up her pants, first taking a few seconds to move her long hair away from her face, and then looking over at Robin still face down on the bed. I casually glanced away again as she bent over and pulled up her thong and jeans that had made their way down almost to her ankles.

Sitting there silent, I listened to the sound of Tracy’s jeans coming up followed by the zipper and pop of the top button. Then she spoke.

“Why do you look so sad, Jake?” Tracy said.

When Robin heard her words she sat up from the bed and looked at me in a concerned way.

“Because I feel terrible.” I said, “It hurt me that I had to spank both of you. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. I hope you guys understand.”

“Honestly Jake” Tracy said, “I have way more respect for you now than I ever did. And trust me when I tell you this, I had a lot of respect for you before. We both got something we probably have been needing for a long time. Please forgive me.”

“She’s right.” Robin said, “We have ourself to blame, not you. You spanked us because you cared, and I don’t hate you for that.”

We all exchanged a group hug, and I had the two girls hug each other and promise never to fight again. If they ever have a disagreement again they can sit down and talk about it like adults, or just leave each other alone until they both calm down and then talk about it.


Amazingly enough that event had brought us all closer together, not pushed us apart. We started doing things together more often and were more like a tight-knit family than just a bunch of friends sharing a home.

A month later I came down with a very bad case of the flu and was bedridden for almost a week, and it was Tracy and Robin who looked after me constantly during that time. Tracy would bring me her home made soup, and often I would fall asleep on the sofa with my head in her lap. And Robin would tutor me in bed so I would pass some important assignments during that time.


Judy and Stephanie used to joked with me that if I would have spanked them as well, they would probably received better grades at school. I never did of course, but I sometimes wonder if they were serious.

Even after we finished school, and years later after we moved on our separate ways, I still see all the girls on a semi-regular basis. In fact we all got together recently at my new home for dinner this past weekend, and my wife made a very nice dinner for all of us.


My wife Tracy is still an excellent cook, and still kicks my ass playing video games.

The Editor



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