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Spanking Story -Jake’s Dilemma

Jake’s Dilemma

Originally posted on The Spanking News

Sometimes tough decisions must be made regardless of how painful the outcome might be.



During my university years I lived in a house shared with four other people. Myself and four girls. I know to some this may sound like a young guy’s dream come true, but trust me when I tell you this, sometimes it wasn’t. I quickly found out that girls can sometimes be very difficult to live with. Who would have thought?

Girls are neat, more mature,  and don’t cause any trouble right? Wrong! Some are and some aren’t. Unfortunately I wound up with a couple that would sometimes put the rest of the house through hell. But before I go on, let me give you a little bit of background to this story.

My parents owned the house, and although some might think it must have been a small mansion to have five bedrooms, it was really quite small. It was originally a 3 bedroom house with a fourth bedroom added above the attached garage by the previous owners, which I took as my room. The fifth bedroom was actually just a small den, or “sewing room” as my mom used to call it, that my dad expanded slightly to put in a closet. It did have a big living room and a good size kitchen, and thankfully it had two full bathrooms.

My parents were close to retiring, so they bought a small condo by the lake and decided to keep this house and rent it out for some extra income. Since it was close to the university I attended, I convinced them to let me rent out the rooms, and in turn they would get more money than if they tried to rent out the whole house. My parents warned me not to rent out the rooms to a bunch of guys that just wanted to party because they were afraid they would wreck the place. So after my best friend Josh moved in, I put up an ad advertising the remaining rooms for females only. Problem solved!

I received lots of calls the first week, and in no time had all the remaining rooms rented to three young females: Judy, a Psychology Major, and Robin and Stephanie who were both studying Business/Finance. Things went great at the beginning. Everyone kept the place clean, we shared the cooking, no one got drunk and did anything stupid, and we all got along perfectly fine from day one.

Unfortunately less than a year later my good friend Josh moved out so he could live with his girlfriend, and I was faced with the task of finding someone to fill his now empty room. I thought about putting up another ad like I had done in the beginning, but Robin told me her best friend Tracy was actually looking for a room, and since our house was only minutes away from the university it would be perfect for her.

I was hesitant at first because I was leaning towards getting another guy to move in instead. Someone I could drink beer with, play video games with, and talk about guy shit with. I figured having three girls in the house was enough already, but four might be too much and leave me feeling a little alienated if you know what I mean.

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Spanking Music Videos

I just added a new section at The Spanking News called, Spanking Music Videos. Here’s a few of my favorites, the rest (total of 9 so far), can be found here.

Armand Van Helden – Hear My Name



BUNDA PANDEIRO (film by Carlo Sampietro)

Top 10 Ways To Spank A Brat!

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Let’s get started..




Ah yes, old faithful. The OTK spanking has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It can be done any time or any place when the  need arises, and has proven to be very effective at curbing bratty behavior or willful acts of disobedience.otkoutdoors_tn

Simply sit in the nearest chair, sofa, edge of the bed, park bench or even prop up one knee like shown in the picture below. Bare her bottom and spank briskly until the desired color is achieved or you truly believe she is remorseful for her actions.

An over the knee spanking is effective not simply because of the pain, but for the humiliation aspect as well. In a recent poll conducted by The Spanking News with a total of 552 votes (as of this writing), a whopping 59% said the over the knee spanking was the most humiliating.

That’s more then double the next most popular choice of bending over, grabbing ankles with 26% of the votes.

Sometimes simply saying the phrase “I’ll put you over my knee” will make even the toughest of girls blush at the thought of it. They can grit their teeth through the pain, but have no choice but to endure the humiliation.

But what if you think your brat needs a little more persuading than a simple hand spanking can provide?



The Hairbrush

The hairbrush is generally used in place of the hand for an over the knee spanking, although other positions can be adopted for it’s use.hairbrush01_tn

It was most likely first used by frustrated mothers who thought more than the hand was needed for a particular situation, or the fact many women did not possess the same strength as a man, and this was a way of leveling the playing field.

Not only did it level the playing field, often times it would tip the scales in it’s favor. Many would testify that a spanking from mom with her hairbrush was far worse then a spanking from dad with his hand.

This lends to fact that the hairbrush produces a very pinpointed area of pain compared to the more widely dispersed area of the hand. Most older hairbrushes were made of wood and either oval or rectangle shaped, so the flat back surface would act like a small paddle.

Today the hairbrush comes in many shapes and sizes and is used for discipline by both men and women. With moderate use expect some bruising.

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Girlfriend gets SPANKED!

If you think you can behave like a little brat while out with your friends, thinking your boyfriend would never spank you in front of them.. think again. This could happen to you!  BTW I put a few more of these videos up at The Spanking News in a new section called: Birthday Spankings, Pranks, and More. Check em out.


Girlfriend gets spanked by thespankingnews

Spanking the Woman you Love

Spanking the woman you love
By The Editor
The Spanking News©
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Many moons ago when The Spanking News was enjoying it’s first year of existence back in 2003, I can remember receiving lots of interesting emails from readers about all sorts of topics. Many would ask advice about which spanking paysite I would recommend, others would ask more obscure questions about spanking in professional wrestling, or the title of a mainstream movie that had a spanking scene in it.

Then there were the ones who would say they were having trouble meeting that special spanking someone, and asked where to find such people. Surely there must be some website where they all hang out, or a spanking personals site full of women just waiting for men to take them home and put them over their knee.

If you are simply looking for someone to spank, or be spanked yourself for that matter, there are personal sites that do exist, but if you are actually trying to find a woman for a long term relationship on one of these sites, you really need a lot of luck and patience.

The problem is most women don’t place personal ads looking for a spanking partner, and if you do happen to find one that does, you will be in competition with at least 50 other men for that same woman. It’s certainly an avenue to try however, but I wouldn’t place all your hope in such places and then give up if you don’t succeed, resolved to living your life as a vanilla. There is hope!

What about spanking parties? Shadowlane has one every year in Vegas, and there are smaller parties and get-togethers in many other major cities throughout the world. But what if there isn’t one in your area, or you go to one only to find mostly couples, or you don’t click with any of the single ladies. Do you sit and wait for the next party the following year? There has to be a better way.

So how does a single guy (or girl) find a partner for a long term relationship that includes spanking? Where are all these people hiding?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. They are not hiding. The fact is they are all around you and have always been!

How to find them will be the focus of this article.

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Spanking Video: Final Exam (promo)

I just found this while looking for something else, so I thought I would share :)
This girl has a beautiful bottom! A promo for the short film, Final Exam


Spanking Machines

For some reason I’ve always been fascinated with spanking machines. I’m not sure why, but maybe it’s the fact that I love gadgets in all shapes and forms, especially mechanical ones. You know.. the type where you press a button and gears start turning, things start moving, and some cool action is performed.

The drawings and pictures you see of most spanking machines are usually just complete fantasy. Simply a product of an overactive imagination at work. Below are some great examples:








Spanking Machine Animation

Spanking News From The Past

Spanked Stowaway
Spanked stowaway2
Spanked stowaway 3

Burlesque Jungle

Found this on Ebay, and it got me thinking.. Who dreams up the names for these books? Burlesque Jungle?? Did the author just pick two random words off the top of his head? Regardless, it would have been a steal if you picked this up for 25 cents at a local garage sale, however the seller is asking $4.50 plus shipping though. Greedy bastard!


McClintock Spanking Scenes & Interview

The spanking scene from the movie McClintock! is a favorite among many in the spanking community. This 1973 classic starring John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, and Stephanie Powers actually has two spankings in it: One featuring Stephanie Powers and the other at the end of the movie has the lovely Maureen O’Hara being spanked by The Duke himself. For those that need a refresher,  here are the two scenes below:

Stephane Powers Spanked

Maureen O’Hara Spanked

However while doing a little research behind the making of this movie, I stumbled across the DVD commentary with interviews from the stars who worked on the film. Many times people question the authenticity when it comes to a spanking scene, and wonder if a body double was used, or if the actual spanking was somehow faked with padding or some other type of movie trickery.

This was not the case with the scene in McClintock!, as you will see in the interview with O’Hara. She states the spanking was real and left her behind black and blue for weeks! Check out the interview below for some quick words about the scene.

Interview with Maureen O’Hara

IMDB link for the movie McClintock!